Guided Meditations

Sitting with experienced meditators

Sitting with experienced meditators

To get started with a meditation practice, it can help to have guidance as you sit.  Here are three recordings covering the basics.  

To play a meditation, click on the talk title.  
To download 
select the talk and then (PC) Right-Click + Save Target As… or (MAC) Alt + Click

Beginning Instructions
is a 15-minute session that gently introduces the basic techniques for developing concentration and mindfulness.  

Happiness Meditation is about 5 minutes long, with phrases to nurture kindness toward yourself and others, deepening a sense of happiness and well-being. 

Relaxing Body Sweep is another short guided meditation for stress reduction.  It leads you through a virtual massage from head to toe, leaving you calm in body and mind. 

Metta for Yourself guides you in 7 minutes through feelings of peace, happiness, safety and confidence, with patience and kindness for yourself and others.  Pause for more time to soak up the feelings.  The phrases are repeated once at the end.

All of these recordings are designed to help you develop meditation as a regular part of your day.  Feel free to adapt the contents of each piece so it works for you, and eventually use these practices without the recordings.

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