How Do I Deal with Conceit?

I have a lot of thoughts like , “I did this – I am good, I’m better than others, etc.”  Do I do anything active for this or just let it be and expect it to go down as I proceed forward in my practice?

One of the last barriers to freedom is comparing ourselves to others.  Some people feel they need to be famous. Others want to make some great contribution.  It’s very normal to want to be special, but if taken too seriously, it causes much suffering.

A good way to deal with this desire is to watch it work.  See how it makes the body feel and what thinking is associated with it.  By focusing on the effects of this craving, we gradually become able to see it as just a thought and not take it  personally, as part of “who we are.”  We can let it just come and go.  Eventually, it won’t visit so often and may even fade away.

Another approach is to practice actively accepting and loving ourselves.   We can use metta (or lovingkindness) phrases, wishing ourselves (and then others), “May I be happy, may I be at peace, may I live with ease, may I know and accept myself just as I am.”

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