How Can I Change Bad Habits Faster?

Since I started meditating, I’ve improved in the way I think and act, but still I keep doing some things that I’ve never liked.  What can I do to make this stop?

It’s a wonderful gift of this practice when harmful thought and behavior patterns begin to occur less often.  This change isn’t something we achieve, but a natural result of meditation that seems to happen when we’re not looking.

We don’t often get this gift completely all at once, and sometimes we have to watch ourselves doing or thinking the same things that have led to suffering in the past.  It’s really important not to scold ourselves then.  That just multiplies our suffering.

As we become increasingly aware of the suffering caused by habits of thought or action, they gradually lose their strength.  All we need to do is keep meditating.  For more about this process of change, you may want to listen to my dharma talk called “Letting Go: Garage Sale of the Mind.”

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